Advertising – SnowPro

Fall* October 29, 2021 November
Winter* January 28, 2022 February
Spring* April 29, 2022 May
*Some issues will be “online only” publications. As such, they will be created in full color and distributed online via our website and all PSIA-AASI Eastern Division social media outlets.

This is the summary of all types of advertising we offer. Included within are pricing details and deadline dates for SnowPro issues, etc.

Advertising Info


Below is the fillable contract/order form you need to email to for an advertising order.
Order Form For Print Ads


  • This form is in a fillable PDF format. It can be filled out electronically, or printed and faxed.
  • Be sure to use the SAVE AS feature and save to your own computer, otherwise the file could end up lost or in your “temp” folder.
  • E-mail the completed document to

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail!

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