The Eastern Division of PSIA-AASI is divided into seven geographic regions (listed below).

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As a new member, you may choose to be affiliated with one region – the one in which you work as a snowsports instructor or the one in which you live. This affiliation is for regional mailing and voting purposes. You should affiliate with the region in which you are most active as a snowsports instructor. If you do not choose, the region in which you live will be assigned as your designated regional affiliation by PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Bylaws, Section 10.8. You must then notify the division office in writing, should you choose to change your affiliation to the region in which you work.


SECTION 10.1 – DESIGNATION OF GEOGRAPHIC REGIONS (AMENDED 10/31/82, 12/12/90, 10/19/03, 10/15/06).

The territorial jurisdiction of the Association shall be divided into seven (7) Geographic Regions which shall be designated and described as follows:

Region 1 – Maine and New Hampshire
Region 2 – Vermont
Region 3 – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Region 4 – Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Region 5 – Western portion of State of New York (*see map below)
Region 6 – Eastern portion of State of New York (*see map below)
Region 7 – Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Washington, D.C

* – The boundary line between Geographic Region 5 and 6 shall be as follows: Region 5 includes the NY counties of Oswego, Madison, Chenango, Broome and those to the west of that point; Region 6 include all NY counties to the east of those aforementioned counties.

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Regional voting for elections to the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Board of Directors will take place online via electronic voting on a secure, dedicated web page. If you are an eligible voter, your invitation will be sent to you via e-mail when the voting period opens, so please make sure that your e-mail address on file with us is correct.

Region 1:
Maine, New Hampshire
Region 2:
Region 3:
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Region 4:
Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Region 5:
Central/Western NY
Region 6:
Eastern NY
Region 7:
All states south of Pennsylvania & New Jersey