Request Reinstatement

The reinstatement process was set up to provide PSIA-AASI Eastern Division former members a path to return to active certified membership without loss of their prior certification level. Each reinstatement situation is unique. When you reinstate, you can move forward with your membership from there.

Click here to view the national Reinstatement Policy.

Please fill out the below form to send your request for your reinstatement plan. After receiving your information and investigating your prior membership details, we will consider your situation and make recommendations of reinstatement or possibly suggest another path as appropriate. During the season, we do our best to reply to you by e-mail (or letter) as soon as we are able. The reinstatement process does not begin until an event application and membership dues are submitted and the reinstatement isn’t considered complete until all education requirements are met.

For more details, give us a call at (518) 452-6095, or e-mail us.

Reinstatement Request

The reinstatement process was set up to provide former Eastern Division members a path to return to active membership. If you were a member of the Eastern Division in the past, and are interested in reinstating with us, please provide us with the information below which we will use to find your membership information and history.
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