Find-a-Pro Listing

Click on the Make Winter More Fun logo above to access the current Eastern Division promotional slogan targeting skiing and riding public to take lessons from PSIA-AASI members at our consumer-oriented website.

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT MEMBER, you can get started on your profile for, you should to go to

Read through, and select a FREE or PREMIUM listing, and that will take you to a page to create your account.

1. Then, once you create the account, you will get an e-mail confirmation from SNOWPRO PORTAL.

2. Then you need to UPDATE/EDIT your profile, to add all of the specifics (certs, years, etc.).

*IMPORTANT: You need to keep/save this link to get back in.*
Once you create & update your public listing, you can edit it at any time. You will need log back in to edit it.
For future reference, you can login here:

If you have any questions, please click here to send an e-mail with your name, your member number, and your question.