BJ’s Program Details

  • Each application or membership renewal submitted through the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division program will be processed at the selected discount.
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club will donate $5 dollars to the PSIA-AASI Eastern Education Foundation for each membership they process through this program!

How to get or renew a BJ’s Membership

  • Each person who is ready to join or renew their existing membership needs to complete a membership application which is downloadable here.
  • BJs NEW Membership Application
  • BJs RENEW Membership Application
  • Mail your completed application and payment to our PSIA-AASI Eastern office, Regina.
  • BJ’s will accept a personal check or MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and Visa®. Make checks payable to BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. Please be sure to include NYS Sales Tax with your payment to avoid delays in processing your membership! (See the application for full payment due, including NYS tax. Thank you!) Please, cash is not accepted for this program.
  • If renewing a BJ’s membership, please be sure to include your membership number on your application in the space provided.

New Memberships

  • After Regina sends in your application, you will be mailed or e-mailed a temporary membership card which you can immediately start to use.
  • After the close of our promotion, all BJ’s memberships will be processed and you will receive an activation form for 2 household membership cards.
  • You can then take that activation form to the membership desk of your nearest BJ’s to receive your “official” membership cards.

Membership Renewals

  • No matter when your membership is up for renewal, you can take advantage of this offer!
  • IMPORTANT – Keep your current membership card! Your current BJ’s Membership Card is still valid.
  • BJ’s will extend your current membership by adding the months from the date your membership would have normally expired.
  • After Regina receives your renewal application, if necessary, you will be mailed or e-mailed a temporary membership card so that you can immediately continue shopping at BJ’s.
  • After the close of our promotion, your renewal/membership extension will automatically be processed onto your current card. If you would like, you can stop by the membership desk at your nearest BJ’s mid to late December and the BJ’s representative will be able to scan your card and confirm your membership extension and new renewal date.

BJ’s Limited Time Promotional Offer

BJ’s Program Details

BJs NEW Membership Application

BJs RENEW Membership Application

FAQ’s and Contact BJ’s