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¦¦¦Rollerblade Skate to Ski And Big Snow Indoor Adventure

Date: Friday, October 21, 2022 from 8:45 am - 4:00 pm ET
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Location: Big Snow (NJ) (Plan to meet your group at the starting time listed above. If we are notified of any change, we will email and/or text updated information to you. - Check-in)

Event Code: 323MU1021A

Registration Information:
- Cost: $120.00
- CEUs: 8

Event Prerequisite(s): Current PSIA-AASI Membership

Registration Closes: Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 11:59 pm ET

This is a highlighted event that is anticipated to be very popular.

Online Registration: CLOSED

Offline Registration: Please call the Eastern office (518) 452-6095 during regular hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

Course Description:

PSIA-AASI + NSP Members:

Get ready for winter with the Rollerblade Skate to Ski program and Big Snow! Start your day with Myles Cotter-Sparrow of Rollerblade and members of the Eastern Education Staff to explore activities for stable gliding and turning to enhance your skills and the fun factor of training for ski-readiness. Join us to discover how adding inline skating to your fall routine will hone an accurate and relevant skill focus while combining heaps of repetition in a consistent environment, plus quality feedback. The skating will take place on a flat paved surface incorporating drills and obstacle courses that utilize cones and other equipment.  Following this session we will transition to skiing at Big Snow - American Dream. This 2-hour skiing session will incorporate skating skills from the morning into on-snow activities with time to experiment and play!

Additional Event Details:

Rollerblade Skate to Ski and Big Snow Adventure Day!

NOTE: Price does NOT include lift ticket to Big Snow - see details below!


9:00am - 12:00pm - Rollerblade Skate to Ski Session at Parking Deck A ground level (Route 120 side/back corner) See Map:  


Rollerblade Waiver:

Participants must complete the Rollerblade Info and Waiver form before participating in the event. This information is needed to ensure proper size skates are available. For the event attending field, please enter Big Snow 102122 - Rollerblade Waiver

What to Bring/Details:

  • Rollerblade provides inline skates and protective pads.
  • Please bring your skates if you have them. We recommend bringing your own chair for putting on skates. 
  • You will need to provide your own helmet (mandatory), and we encourage wearing protective pads.
  • Feel free to bring snacks and/or drinks for breaks.


Rollerblade® created the Skate to Ski program as an innovative approach to help skiers train and stay in shape. Inline skating is the best way in the off-season to recreate skiing motions.


Rollerblade Skate to Ski Program: https://www.rollerblade.com/usa/en/skate-to-ski

Rollerblade Training App: https://apps.apple.com/app/skate-to-ski/id1458606967

Choosing the Right Skates: https://www.rollerblade.com/usa/en/skate-to-ski-choosing-skate

12:00pm - 2:00pm - Lunch - transition to snow gear

2:00pm - 4:00pm - Two Hour Ski Session at Big Snow American Dream

Big Snow American Dream Info:

You will need to purchase your ticket at Big Snow American Dream. (Please note Google works best on their website, Safari sometimes has issues) There are three options available.

Two-Hour Slope Access Ticket - $31.99

  • Includes 2-hour lift access only. Does not include equipment or outerwear. Ages 7 and up.

SNOW Day Rental Package - $55.99

  • Package includes equipment rental (skis or snowboard), outerwear, helmet, and 2 hour lift access. Does not include gloves or socks. Ages 2 & Up.

Spectator Ticket (No Lift Access) - $14.99

  • For observation only. Does not provide trail or lift access. (Ages 7+) Appropriate attire recommended. Window viewing is not available.

If anyone forgets anything, rental upgrade can be purchased on the Big Snow American Dream website for $39.99.

A QR code from SnowCloud will be sent to your email once successfully registered:

  1. Please click this link: https://bigsnow.snowcloud.group/access/6C881 and use the special PIN#, 13B, to gain access to your group portal for Big SNOW. 
  2. You will need to create an account by inputting your email and a password. Make sure you remember your password. If you have already visited Big SNOW, you will need to use the login you created prior.
  3. Once you create a log in, you will be prompted to click on the date and product offered within the store. 
  4. Please add your Slope Access ticket and enter the information it requests. 
  5. To complete the transaction, you will need to click "Complete Transaction" and it will generate a QR Code. If it did not generate a QR code, you did not complete the purchase.

If participants do not complete the online Snow Pass profile and purchase the lift pass ahead of time, you will be required to do so before entering the lift area.

Brochure: https://psia-e.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/bigsnow_22_sts.jpg

Have a great time! #SeeYouThere



  • Up to 14 days prior to the event: $20.00 fee

  • During the two weeks prior to the event: $25.00 fee


  • Up to 14 days prior to the event: $20.00 fee

  • During the two weeks prior to the event: $50.00 fee

  • Notice to the office must be made no later than 4:30pm on last business day before the event.

    IF YOU DO NOT SHOW AT YOUR EVENT AND DO NOT CONTACT US by 4:30pm on last business day before the event: No refund.

    IF YOUR CHECK IS RETURNED TO US: Checks returned for insufficient funds will not be redeposited. The registration will be voided unless such checks or charges are replaced by certified check, money order or cash prior to the event. For returned checks, this must include a processing charge of $25.00.


    PSIA-AASI Eastern Division
    Event Participant Safety Policy

    Skiing and riding are athletic and physically demanding activities. It is the expectation of PSIA-AASI Eastern Division that each participant attending an event or exam shall possess the requisite level of fitness and stamina to participate safely, on all appropriate terrain and at a pace consistent with other members of the group. As such, PSIA-AASI Eastern Division reserves the right to have education staff reassign participants in any event that may pose a risk to themselves or others or consistently impede the progress of the group to another, more skill and fitness-appropriate event. In such a situation, an appropriate event will be recommended and the member may be transferred to that event at no charge (other than any difference in event costs) or a full refund of the originally registered event will be provided.


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