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Children’s Specialist 1 – Children’s Specialist 2

Who – What – When – Where – Why – How… And Timing

The Children’s Specialist 1 is open to all Level I and above Certified members as the first step accreditation to teaching snowsports to children. Members may apply for Children’s Specialist 2 after obtaining Level II Certification.


These are nationally recognized “Certificate Based” programs that address teaching children specifically. The CS1 course includes an e-Learning course with a quiz at the end of each module to ensure comprehension of the learning material.  The CS2 course includes an online workbook and an online quiz to validate the material learned in the workbook. Following the online components is a two day on-snow learning based environment that will cover children’s education needs. There is an evaluative component to the on-snow portion of the program. Successful completion of the course grants professional recognition to the instructor for their education, experience, and expertise in teaching children snowsports.


It is required that members complete their Level I Certification first, followed by Children’s Specialist 1. Members could then pursue and pass their Level II Certification and then their Children’s Specialist 2.


There are many courses scheduled throughout the season; weekdays, nights, and weekends, in an effort to accommodate most member’s needs. The event calendar on the eastern website is a great tool to easily view where and when the Children’s Specialist courses are scheduled.


Nationally children’s education in snowsports accounts for 69% of all of the snowsports school business. In part due to the demand for quality children’s educators, PSIA-AASI has put in place 2 new national certificate programs called Children’s Specialist 1, and Children’s Specialist 2. These are not exams. They are instead certificate based programs. They are evaluative but they are different than your certification exams as the CS programs are highly educational in nature. They are national in scope as the content is the same from division to division and the process is also similar; both have a component that must be completed prior to attending the course and both have an on-the-hill portion that is spread out over two or three days.


Members planning on taking the CS1 course must complete the e-Learning course prior to attending the on-snow portion of the event.  Members attempting the CS2 must complete the associated online workbook prior to arriving at the on-snow event. Please plan on spending 4 – 6 hours to complete the CS1 e-Learning course.  Members taking the CS2 course should be aware that the workbook will take a significant amount of time to complete.  The e-Learning course and the CS2 workbook are based on the PSIA-AASI Children’s Instruction Manual, so please plan accordingly.

CS1 Information

CS2 Information

Once we receive your application for a Children’s Specialist 1 event, you will receive a link to sign up for and take the e-Learning course.  (The course will be available in mid October, 2019.)  You must pass this course before attending the on-snow portion.  If you are taking the Children’s Specialist 2 course, once we receive your application, you will receive a link to take a short online quiz.  It will be helpful to complete the CS2 workbook before you attempt the quiz. Members must score 80% to be successful. There is not a limit to the number of times you may take the quiz; however you must wait a minimum of 24 hours between attempts.

On the day of the CS2 event, you will submit your completed workbook to the course conductors for review at registration. Your workbook will be returned at the end of the event. If you do not have a completed workbook at this time, you will not be eligible to participate in the event.