Alpine Advanced Educator Program

The Advanced Educator Program is a certificate based program for all Certified Alpine instructors. This program requires commitment, as well as a sense of purpose for developing professionally. Program courses are open to members of any level, and may also be taken by instructors who are not pursuing the Advanced Educator certificate but find a specific course that is of interest to them. Level I instructors in particular will find the Movement Analysis 101 course and the Practical Teaching course ideal preparation for the Level II certification. Some Advanced Educator courses are only open to Level II and Level III Members, therefore candidates must be Level II Certified to attain the Advanced Educator certificate.

Achieving the certificate will require the participant to complete 11 courses. All Certified Level I or higher members may attend Biomechanics, Stance and Alignment, Practical Teaching, Movement Analysis 101, History of Skiing (both an on-snow course and an online e-Learning History of Skiing course), Anatomy, and your choice of one of the following: At Your Service, Communication and People Skills, Ecology, or the indoor version of Stance and Alignment. Candidates must be at least Level II Certified to complete Children’s Specialist 2, Movement Analysis 201, Coaching High End Skiing, all of which have an evaluative component. The scoring of these courses will be at the Level III National Standard. Participation in the course is not limited to one time, thereby allowing unsuccessful candidates more than one opportunity to attain the Advanced Educator designation. Course descriptions for each of these are on the Eastern Website along with certification eligibility requirements. The program must be completed within 10 years of beginning the program. The program starts on the date that the participant completes the first course.

Any member who completes all of the courses and has successfully passed the evaluative components will be considered to have met the Level III Teaching Standard, and therefore will need only to successfully complete the Level III on-line exam and the Level III Skiing exam to earn the Level III certification. Members do not need to be pursuing Level III Certification to complete this program. All candidates will need to pass the evaluative components to attain Advanced Educator, regardless if they are pursuing Level III Certification.

The Advanced Educator Program is designed to give a specific direction to an instructor’s educational development and to provide a goal independent of PSIA National certification. With the time and commitment involved in completing the program, an Advanced Educator will develop a sense of purpose and pride in both themselves and their continued training. This won’t be, nor should it be easy. Are you ready for the challenge?

Advanced Educator Program Checklist

_____ Biomechanics
_____ Coaching High End Skiing (Certified Level II required)
_____ Movement Analysis 101
_____ Movement Analysis 201 (Certified Level II required)
_____ Practical Teaching
_____ Stance and Alignment – On Snow
_____ Children’s Specialist 2 (Certified Level II required)
_____ History of Skiing – eLearning
_____ History of Skiing – 1 Day on Snow
_____ Anatomy
_____ At Your Service, Communication and People Skills or Indoor Stance and Alignment