Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself…. (Chinese Proverb)

Is your update clinic giving you what you really need or want? Did you know that an Accreditation course would fulfill your educational credit requirements? Try an Accreditation course or set your sights on completing one of the Accreditation Programs. The opportunity awaits you…Most courses are open to all members Level I or higher in all disciplines. Some courses require specific equipment and/or have Alpine focus, so check for more detailed info. Each Eastern Division full accreditation program consists of three, two-day events. Upon completion of the three required courses within six seasons, you will receive an Accreditation Certificate in your field of study! No testing involved, no special enrollment procedures, no long-term commitment!

You may complete one or several of the programs if you choose. There are several different Accreditations to choose from – click on one below for more detailed course descriptions or call the office for more info…

Eastern Division Accreditation Program

National Accreditation Programs